11D’s unique formula was devised by the founder Cok Meijer back in 1994. Mr. Meijer is an engineer who formed an alliance with TNO. TNO is the Netherlands Organization of Applied Scientific Research and is the largest research organization in the Netherlands. The reason for contacting such a large organization like TNO was simple; the best solution had to be found to prevent tire punctures. Before embarking on this adventure, Mr. Meijer was distributing an inferior product.

TNO and Mr. Meijer studied Puncture Prevention and began a testing cycle to find a fine balance between maximum protection, durability and other product characteristics . The test cycle was conducted and specimen “11-D” gave the best result. And so “11-D” was born.

Mr. Meijer has since built up the company using the high quality product as a basis for success. Over the years he has built up a network of loyal customers all across the globe.

In 2014, Mr. Meijer is still active for the company as a special advisor.