Making the world a better place

11-D International cares about our environment. Therefore we have developed a 100% green product. All our sealants are nonflammable, nontoxic and completely biodegradable.
Because our sealants are responsible for maintaining the right air pressure, we reduce your carbon footprint. Maintaining the right air pressure can save incredible amounts of fuel.
Goodyear has investigated the effects of low air pressure on fuel economy, the results are staggering;


Because 11-D Tire sealants extend the life of any tires, if has a positive effect on the amount of tires that are scrapped. To produce a tire, a minimum amount of 80 liters of oil is needed.
Every year in the United States alone, 260 million tires are scrapped and thrown away. 11-D Tire Sealant wil do it’s part in limiting this incredible number.